Music Fest 2016
April 6-8

IBC Music Office
1502 E. Sumner Avenue
Indianapolis Indiana 46227

Contact IBC Music Office+1 (317) 554-8069 ph em


About MusicFest
Mark your calendar for IBC Music Fest-April 3-4, 2014!

  • Indiana Bible College Music Festival began eighteen years ago as a one-day seminar conducted by Dr. Lindel M. Anderson during his first year as IBC's Dean of Music.
  • Music Fest is a ministry of Indiana Bible College and is hosted by Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Designed to challenge and inspire those involved in church music and worship arts ministries.
  • The teaching staff includes some of the most outstanding music ministers,  directors, musicians, songwriters, recording artists, etc. in the Apostolic movement.
  • Our goal is to continue expanding the scope of the conference, introducing new classes and clinicians, and making Music Fest an even better and more resourceful experience.